14T Tank Wagon in Pool Livery

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N Scale Pool Tank Wagon

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14T Tank Wagon in Pool Livery

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14T Tank Wagon in Pool livery, No. SM5478.

The Pool tank wagons were used by the Petroleum Board to transport and distribute oil and petroleum products during World War Two. At the outbreak of the war, Britain's major oil suppliers were pooled to form the Petroleum Board. With the assets and manpower of these companies pooled together, competitive marketing ceased and the government took control of pricing, quality and availability in a bid to ensure that adequate oil supplies were at the disposal of the Ministry of Supply to aid the war effort. The 'Pool' livery was applied to a number of vehicles which had come under the control of the Petroleum Board and these were used to transport oil products. Operating during World War Two, it is likely that some vehicles remained decorated in this livery for a number of years following the end of the war.

Technical Specification

  • Size/Scale:  N Scale
  • Released:  2014/2015 Membership Year
  • Number Produced:  n/a
  • Era:  3, 4
  • DCC Pin Value:  n/a
  • DCC Status:  n/a
  • Paint Finish:  Pristine
  • Length:  43mm
  • Features:  No