We’ve taken a big departure from our previous site, which means we’ve moved some information around. In addition to our bar of options at the top, we also have links in our footer bar, accessible by scrolling down to the bottom of each webpage. Here you can find delivery and warranty information along with a useful FAQs section and information about how we keep you and your details safe. Our Latest News stories feed through directly to our homepage meaning you’ll never miss a thing from your favourite collectors club and we’ll be uploading photos taken at collectors club events to our brand new Events Gallery, as well as letting you know which events the club will be attending on our Events Calendar. Within our Products section we have added a zoom feature. Just click on the picture of the product on the product page and move your mouse over the image to view in more detail! Within our Videos section we have a selection of our most popular videos from Bachmann.co.uk, perfect for learning more about our products, events and activities. We hope you enjoy our new site and that it adds value to your club membership.