With the launch of the new Bachmann Branchline and Graham Farish catalogues, membership prices for the Bachmann Collectors Club will see a small increase with the new prices effective from 1st March 2016. Our 2016/17 prices will be £29 (UK) or £37 (non-UK) for a single scale membership and £40 (UK) or £52 (non-UK) for the double scale option.

Whilst our membership prices have remained consistent for the last 2 years, there have been substantial increases in the cost of producing items such as the annual membership wagon during this period which are reflected in these new prices. Please be assured that we have worked hard to keep any price rises to a minimum and we hope you will agree that the club membership continues to offer true value for money. Members can renew up to 3 months in advance so if your membership is due within the next 3 months you can take advantage of the current price by renewing through our website or calling the club office to renew before Tuesday 1st March 2016.